Idealism is the desire for social justice and one of our life motives. We all have it, more or less. People with a strong need for idealism treat people fairly. They often have a higher calling in life to make the world a better place. Some idealists have a career helping people, improving society, promoting fairness and some work for humanitarian causes.

Idealists in business would be the ones striving for conscious businesses, businesses with higher purposes that serve the interests of all stakeholders. There are no conscious businesses without conscious leaders. They are in service to the company’s purpose, the people working there, clients, investors, suppliers and the society. These kinds of companies utilize individuals’ creativity. It is an engaging environment for the employees. It is also shown that these companies sustain over time due to higher financial results. They are more resilient to market fluctuations, as stakeholders often want to return favours in bad times.

To get there, some need a shift of perspective to more fair play.

Idealism is one of our 16 motives. If you want to know more about differences in motivation, Mindful is conducting Reiss motivation profile leadership trainings, see below link:

Aila Kekkonen

Certified Reiss Motivation Profile coach, facilitator and trainer