Honour is one of our motives. We all have it, more or less. It motivates people to embrace ethical codes of conduct.

People with high Honour motive keep promises and are responsible. As employees they are loyal to the company they work for. They are uncomfortable with a job in which they would be expected to cut corners or sell shoddy products/services only for profit. They want to do the right thing. They would not be the ones who are accused in the “MeToo” movement. On the contrary, they are the ones that treat others morally right.

On the other hand, people with high Honour motive do not always seem to grasp when the circumstances have changed so much, that they could do things in an easier way to reach their goals, for ex. not holding on to old corporate policies or procedures that are outdated.

People with high Honour motive also value and respect their parents and ancestors. Some of them may be patriotic. They like to keep the family traditions alive and honour their ethnic group.

Do you and your employees try to find sustainable win-win solutions to your customers?

We all have a need of Honour, but to a very different extent. There is a possibility to fill in a questionnaire about your motivation, where Honour is one of 16 motives, according to Dr. Stephen Reiss scientific and validated surveys.

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Aila Kekkonen

Certified Reiss Motivation Profile coach, facilitator and trainer

Photo: Pixabay