In work life we are interdependent of our colleagues and even other stakeholders. Trusting relationships are a prerequisite developing an organization characterized by teamwork and cooperation. Trust can be considered the glue of the organization.

A metaphor for trust in relationships is Emotional bank account. We have financial bank accounts, where we deposit or withdraw money. An Emotional bank account is trust between people, where we make deposits and withdrawals in our relationships.

How do we build trust?

Trust grows and can, if required, be restored by making regular deposits to the Emotional bank account. The deposits are made for example by being honest, keeping promises and by expressing appreciation and encouragement. And you need to be perceived as trustworthy before you can release human potential and empower your co-workers. There is no enduring trust without trustworthiness.

But trust is a two-way street, and organizations thrive when co-workers not only trust their leaders, but also feel trusted by leaders. Mutual trust is therefore the foundation of thriving organizations.

Trust and conscious leaders

Conscious organizations characterize their businesses as high-trust organizations. They make the effort to care for their employees, customers, stakeholders and the society in which the operate, why trust is considered the core upon which the organization is built. And it’s conscious leaders make shared purpose an integral part, enabling people to get a feeling of meaningfulness from their work. You can therefore expect a high trust level when working with a conscious leader.

Some of the benefits

A high level of trust is essentially decreasing friction of smoothly functioning conscious teams. And organizations driven by conscious leaders benefit from greater synergy among stakeholders. Collectively, it enables them to achieve far more than would it be possible individually. Other expected benefits include increased respect, cooperation and communication, good relations, engaged co-workers, and in the end a better reputation beneficial for a sustainable future.

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Therése Sandberg and Aila Kekkonen

Enterprise Performance Management

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