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Perhaps the most important trait of conscious leaders is Integrity. In one specific survey researchers surveyed essential qualities of leaders among 54.000 people: Integrity was, by far, the most essential quality according to the respondents, followed by Communicator and People Focused leader. Integrity to Conscious leaders means being authentic and acting according to good values and principles, ensuring the same cultural behavior from colleagues and team members. It is about being honest, loyal and keeping promises. It is also about taking responsibility for one’s mistakes. Leaders acting accordingly will gain trust from co-workers, customers and other stakeholders. And Conscious leaders know that integrity and prosperity go hand in hand. They therefore make sure that the production of results rests on integrity – as all exchange between requests and promises depends on a high level of integrity. How do you express integrity? If you would you like to learn more, please read about our “Conscious Leader” training at Informator. Below the link.

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