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It is a misconception that conscious leaders would only be nice, wherefore average financial results are to be expected. The fact is that conscious companies have superior financial performance, since a lot of value creation is done towards all stakeholders – and it pays back. Conscious leaders create cultures combining a high level of trust with strong emphasis on accountability. Accountability is mutual: leaders holding their co-workers accountable and the other way around. Accountability also represents having strong “response-ability”, meaning having the ability to respond to a situation; being proactive, asking “What can I do?” It also means, that one does not give the first automatic response that comes to mind. Rather, choosing a more empowered response. One where afterthought and context are embraced. When we become aware of our reaction patterns, we give ourselves the opportunity to become more conscious, thus increasing our ability to respond to different circumstances. We have the power to choose our response to be accountable. Would you like to learn more, please read about our “Conscious Leader” training at Informator. Below the link link:

Therése &; Aila, EPM