Some people feel self-secure by nature, but some people need assurance from other people to feel self-secure. People with low self-confidence usually ask a lot of questions whether the work done is good enough for delivery, this is to avoid any negative feedback from colleagues or customers. When people with high discrepancy of this motive need to co-operate, there might be some friction, as the people with high self confidence might get tired of the colleague asking so many questions and not deciding him/herself of the good enough level of quality. The reason why people with high need of acceptance do ask so many questions is that they are very sensitive regarding negative feedback. All of us want to receive feedback in a constructive way, but people with high need of validation from others need the feedback in even more positive way, for example as follows: “You have worked here for 3 years, and made similar deliveries several times, so feel assured that you can decide by yourself when the delivery is ready to go.”

On a more positive note people with high acceptance motive try to form good relationships with their colleagues to be liked, especially if there are other motives connecting to relationships with others.

Acceptance is one of our motives and inner needs. We all need some assurance from others, but to a very different extent. What is your need of acceptance? You can fill in a questionnaire about your motivation, where Acceptance is one of our 16 motives, according to Dr. Stephen Reiss scientific and validated surveys.

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Aila Kekkonen

Certified Reiss Motivation Profile coach, facilitator and trainer

Photo: copyright: @idakek_, Instagram