Many people seeking for managerial positions have high desire for Power (motive). They enjoy being managers over other people and making decisions affecting employees. Not everyone want power, or make decisions over others, so it is a good trait to have, if you also affirm the worth and potential of other people.
People with low power motive can feel frustrated or start resenting those who always think they know everything best in every situation. Those with low Power motive want to contribute and to be listened to, but it does not have to be their solution that is chosen.
If you don’t want to be perceived as bossy, don’t always just come with your solution to somebody’s dilemma or challenge (especially if not asked for). Instead have a coaching discussion about the matter, asking questions and listening to others’ solutions. The employees might have the best solutions themselves when affirmed.
Power is one of the 16 motives all people have, more or less of.

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Aila Kekkonen
Better Future
Leader and Personnel Development Trainer