Your subordinate managers are not your fans, they play in your band!

Some higher up managers act as their subordinate managers are their raving fans. That is not the case. They actually play in your band. They all play different instruments and together you make music. Even if you are the lead singer, you still need your band for the real fans to pay for your music.

One of the 16 motives all people have, more or less, is Independence. People who have high need for Independence are low on team orientation, and prefer to a high degree to work on their own. Managers leading management teams need, though, to take into consideration the whole management team, and also the employees (the symphony orchestra behind the band), as no-one achieves company goals on their own. Therefore, you should think how to make the best music together with the band and the symphony orchestra.

If you want to know more about your own and/or your colleagues’ motives, there is a scientifically validated method: Reiss Motivation Profile, RMP. Informator is conducting trainings in RMP. For more information, see the below link:

Aila Kekkonen

Leadership and personnel development and trainer at Informator

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